Sunday, 24 August 2014

Guru-Mooch III, headstands and face-lifts

Guru-Mooch is enthusiastic about yoga, and his enthusiasm is rubbing off on others. There was a tiny bit of information that totally swayed his human female (you know, that big, lumbering thing that sits in front of a computer all day). It especially concerned the headstand. While she was aware of the headstands invigorating effects, she was completely sold after reading an article, suggesting it has face-lifting potential. Guru-Mooch thinks she's being rather silly, like so many of her species. He thinks she looks fine, as long as she keeps feeding, massaging and admiring him. Oh, and open the doors. (They are pesky things. Stupid human invention!). She, on the other hand, doesn't consider herself to be particularly vain, but, when push comes to shove, is rather attached to her youthful looks.
The headstand seems to have many health benefits, ranging from a face-lift to the strengthening of the core muscles, anti-depressant and detoxing. It is even said that it slows the graying of one's hair!  

For those interested in the article that inspired his human, follow this link:

Both Guru-Mooch and his human female are aware that this pose should be taught by a professional yoga teacher!