Welcome to my Blog. I'm a Brisbane-based artist who was born and raised under the grey skies of Holland.

My interest is in the creation of beauty and harmony with colours and textures in art. As a child and teenager I loved drawing and painting. After high school I joined the Academy Minerva in Groningen, where I received formal training as an artist. For me, art has become a way to connect with and explore my intuitive side. 

After I finished my degree, I came to Australia as a backpacker. I was in awe of the colours and the space of this beautiful country.
Today, I live in Brisbane and I still love the exploration of each new painting. Some are totally intuitive, while others are inspired by the beauty of a simple object, or the natural beauty of an animal or view.

Since every painting is a new exploration for me, I thought I'd share some of these little journeys with you. Hope you will enjoy them as I do.

Mooch, adding to the 'creative chaos'
A well-loved 'pet-project' of mine is called 'The Moo-Chi Diaries'. Moo-Chi is my ( and David's ) beloved cat. His innocence, energy and antics inspired me to write and illustrate a diary that was written in his own voice. It certainly gives us a unique perspective on our own human way of living. The Moo-Chi Diaries are illustrated with watercolours. For those who own a pet (ok, ok.. 'own' is a liberal interpretation): I hope you will recognise some of your own pet's behaviour, and laugh out loud.
The Moo-Chi Diaries