Thursday, 11 February 2016

Guru Mooch VII, Warrior II

Mooch still loves his warrior poses, and here he will demonstrate the second warrior pose, also known as Virabhadrasana II.

Start by standing straight, facing the long sir of your mat; paws  feet together, arms besides your body.

Inhale and step, or lightly jump, the legs away from each other until your feet are a metre apart ( or 3.5 to 4 feet).

Meanwhile, stretch your arms sideways, so that they are parallel to the floor with their palms facing down.

Turn your left paw foot 15 degrees in and your right paw foot 90 degrees out. 

Exhale, and bend the right leg till you have a right angle.

Keep your hips and torso firm, and look over your right arm. Make sure to keep the right knee straight over the ankle, and keep the left leg straight.

Hold for about half a minute and breathe normally. 

To end: inhale, straighten your right leg and turn feet back in. You are now in a position to repeat this pose to the left side.

Warrior II strengthens the legs and torso, it opens the hips and chest.
Warrior II requires concentration and balance and helps the practitioner in  developing these qualities

This pose improves ones circulation and respiration. Mooch has noticed that it has on energizing effect on him.

Disclaimer: Even though I love yoga, I am not a qualified teacher. In doubt, always consult with a professional teacher. 
For cats though, no qualification is required; just a tolerance for cat hair and poo, and the ability to go gooey over their antics....