Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Walking down a comfortable track....

Some paintings can be a real struggle to make, like a path with many twists and turns and some serious backtracking. Some paintings or inspirations can push my boundaries and trigger a personal revelation. You reach the crest of a hill or the top of a mountain and a new landscape lays before you. Some, however, are like walking down a comfortable track that I've laid before. This is one of those paintings. It is the second one in a series that I described in an earlier blog-entry called 'Zen, and reflections on inspiration'.
For this painting I picked up a lovely cup with a beautiful blue glazing on the inside, (no, it is not bigger on the inside...) (that was an inside-joke.... sorry), and the outside being matte black. It's one of those cups that look great, and never seem to be used... except  now.