Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kenmore library

Q: What do lemons, bowls, waterlilies and faces have in common? No, it is not a person tasting a sour lemon, twisting his face and spitting it out in a bowl. They are, in fact, the subject matters of a series of paintings of mine. Currently they are on display in the Kenmore Library, and will be there until the end of September.

A few short years ago, Kenmore finally got a library, and a beautiful library it is. I am a great fan of libraries. To me, they are an oasis of quiet, information, inspiration and relaxation. Also, they have saved me lots and lots of money over the years, since books and magazines are a true weakness of mine. Small point but important!!

As most libraries in Brisbane, Kenmore library has, besides a large collection of books, cd's, movies and magazines, areas to relax and read, benches for computers, a study-room and a large table with newspapers. It also has a strikingly orange display wall. So I arranged to have my work displayed for the month of September. The main part of my work is beautifully situated against an orange wall, and a few more paintings hang in the study room, with soothing blue walls. People working in the study room graciously let me interfere and fiddle with my paintings until they hung straight.