Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Meet: 'GuruMooch'

It has been a while since I've written. After my 30-day challenge there was time for 'three Rs'! Obviously not writing, nor 'rithmetic or reading. No, it was time for Reflection, Research and some Recreation. Yes, I needed a short breather. (To be honest, that did include some reading!)
However, the reflection on my 30-day challenge gave me a few useful points:

  • Producing and processing a drawing on a daily basis was pretty challenging. Too hard for me to continue. So, to all you cartoonists out there who produce a daily cartoon in a paper, or bloggers producing a daily drawing/cartoon: I take my hat off for you...... You totally have my respect!
  • I couldn't help thinking about the times I bought a small drawing to hang up on my wall.... and I'm still thinking. Granted, I produce most of my wall-coverings myself, but there is not much money in making small drawings unless they get multiplied.
  • Can I make images that will easily go on a mug, t-shirt or canvas bag? And what do I need in order to do that?
  • Last but not least: I am happy with some of the drawings I did and some of the feedback I got! A big thank you to all the readers who kept liking and sharing my work!
The research went into 'cartoonising' my Moo-Chi, and finding a suitable design program that was free. At this stage I am not going to buy Adobe Photoshop.
Mooch, from the 'Moo-Chi Diaries' is again a willing model, and many sketches were made. This time he'll be teaching yoga and meditation. 
Finding a software program that I could use proved to be a bit of a challenge. 
I've written before about my complete 'techno-crud' background. A few short years ago the small task of putting a picture on facebook was.... well.... let's just say you could wait a loooong time for it to show. Producing, scanning, editing and publishing a drawing for 30 days straight was a genuine accomplishment for me. 

To cut a long story short, I ventured into new territory. I researched various free software programs, downloaded and deleted a few, and I am still finding my way around my latest program called Paint.net. 
I've also been spending a lot of time on You-Tube, looking at tutorials. Again, many thanks to all those geeks out there recording, publishing and sharing their knowledge!!! I am sure Google and You-Tube have transformed the process of learning for many people.
This is my first GuruMooch picture. Or, to be more precise: the first picture that survived. I've made some before in a program called Inkscape. What I found was that that was too cumbersome for what I want, and the pictures that I saved can't be found anymore. Ho-Hum. As for this picture, it survived. However, I realise now it's also been saved in the wrong format. It looks rather cloudy around the text. And yes, four toes on one side and three on the other... But I guess a start has been made....