Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Brisbane Square Library

This week was the culmination of many weeks of work and about two years of creative development. It all came together in the Brisbane Square Library. I know I have gushed about my love of public libraries before, and now I will do some more. Public libraries are places that are freely accessible for anyone who wants knowledge, entertainment, a place to study, to go online, to read the newspaper and more. They are an oasis of quiet in our busy lives. The Brisbane Square Library is located at the end of the Queen Street mall. The library is in the blue section of a high-rise block, and sports diagonal windows, visible from across the river. Its modern architecture contrasts with the neoclassical building opposite - ironically, a casino.
So there was I, car loaded with thirty paintings of various sizes, and an appointment 
with Anita, the library technician who is looking after the displays. She was very warm and also very enthusiastic about her work at the library. She equipped me with a large trolley, a ladder and an allen key in order to hang up my work. People who were quietly sitting on one of the many comfy chairs along the windows were gracious in their reaction to my intrusion. Anita came back after an hour or so, had a look at my work and gushed: 'They are perfect!'. I agree, if I may be so bold, that they do indeed look beautiful in the modern and airy space of the library, but the spontaneity of her comment made me float for the rest of the day! A yellow painting with a bowl seemed to made especially for the wall I had selected for it. Even the the colour of the wall paint seemed to match. 

My paintings will be there for the next three months. Even if you don't like my paintings, the library is still worth a visit!