Saturday, 15 March 2014

The 30-day challenge, day 15

Day 15! I'm half-way! Whoohooo.. 
I started off with the idea that I'd do a drawing a day, but it seems that I'm more moving towards a watercolour a day. I love colour, and even though watercolour is by no means an easy medium, that is where this is taking me. Watercolour is a hugely underestimated medium, especiallly by beginning artists. For them, oil painting seems to be the holy grail. However, you can build up an oil painting and make corrections, whereas with watercolour you can't afford to make many mistakes. Even though I like the occasional spattering in my paintings to make it look more playful and effortless, I have thrown away many a piece of (expensive) paper because of a smudge. That can be very frustrating after a few hours of work. 
I have always associated watercolours with cute cats, peaceful landscapes and lovely florals, made by crazy catwomen and Prince Charles. Since I am obviously not of royal blood, I am now officially joining the 'crazy catwoman' category. 

Playful kitten, watercolour on paper, 29.5 x 21 cm