Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The 30-day challenge, day 18

Weasel, watercolour on paper, 21 x 29.5 cm
This is Weasel, in an illustration for the upcoming Moo-Chi Diaries.www.Moo-Chi.blogspot.com 
In this entry, Moo-Chi will describe his rather painful introduction to the other two cats in his environment. Mooch was brimming with confidence regarding his cuteness, thinking that everyone will love him. We, as responsible adults, tried to warn him to leave the other cats alone...... To no avail.......
I was trying to capture the moment where Weasel, the fluffy feline matriarch, spots the latest addition to 'her' household. The totally stunning realization that there was a new kitten on the block, a.k.a. Moo-Chi.