Sunday, 16 March 2014

The 30-day challenge, day 16

Sushi, watercolour on paper, 29.5 x 21 cm

From Roman Baths to bottles, cameras and kittens. It may seem unconnected, but the great connector here is the camera. I am drawing inspiration from a large collection of cat photos. I've been know to photograph someone's dog on the street or walk into a pet shop and snap away ( after I have asked for permission off course). I've inherited a love for photography from my dad. As a child I spent time with him a our dark room, developing black-and-white photos, usually from our holiday. Throughout my life, I've been given a fair few cameras by my dad. One of them I drew and published a few days ago. As technology progressed, the need for a new camera was there, and today I am  (happily) snapping away with his latest gift. 
Some artists snub working from photographs. I disagree. There is a place and time for it, and it can speed things up enormously. Besides, there is still an interpretation happening when it is transferred to paper or canvas. To me, a fluffy young kitten asked for a slightly different approach than bottles and cameras. No dark outlines, but soft, watery patches with a bit more attention to detail in the right places.